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Ms. Lily Chen
Conference secretary



Tel: +86-28-86528758


2016 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy and Bioenergy
(ICREB 2016)

29 June-2 July, 2016  
Jupiter - Constanta, Romania

Welcome to submit!

Conference Venue

JUPITER Tismana Club Hotel on the romanian border of the Black Sea, ROMANIA


Making Resrvation:

All people that want to participate must take a reservation directly to the local organizing committee of the conference UASTRO and must pay before 30 March 2016 in the Bank.  After the payment is made, please send us your payment proof.

The total cost is: (Taxes, Food and Beverage are all inclusive during your stay)

The participants from Romania must pay in Ron and foreign people in Euro.

At the bank must specify that this tax is for participation at the conference hotel.

for 3 nights two persons in one double room- 960Ron/216Euro;

for 3 nights one person in one single room 720Ron/162 Euro;                  

for 4 nights two persons in one double room- 1280Ron/288Euro;

for 4 nights one person in one single room 960Ron/216Euro;

The Bank Transfer Information:

Bank name: BRD, Ag. Politehnica

Bank Address: Splaiul Independentei nr.313, 0060042, sector 6, Bucharest, Romania

Bank Tel.: 004021 319 0039

Fax: 004021 317 7790

Name of Account holder: Associatia Universitara pentru Stiinta si Tehnologie din Romania;

Address of Account holder: B-dul Gheorghe Sincai nr.14, sector 4, 40317, Bucharest;


Cod IBAN: RO37BRDE410SV75160494100
Currency: EUR

Cod IBAN: RO46BRDE410SV75160314100
Currency: RON

Address: Jupiter - Constanta - Romania
Email: office @
Phone: +4 0241 492 000 / +4 0241 702 000
Fax: +4 0241 731 100 

Traffic (How to get from Bucharest to Jupiter)

By taxi to Gara de Nord (train station)
At the International Airport “Henry Coanda” is a self service ticket machine that allows you to get a ticket with a number. This number and the ticket will be shown to the taxi driver in front of the exit doors from the terminal. The ticket machine is located on your right after you exit the pick-up luggage area, next to the Information booth.
From the ticket machine`s menu you may choose also the price by kilometre of the taxi, the cheapest one is 1.39 ron/lei (inside the city).
You will find on CFR website ( the trains that take you to Neptun HC, or to Constanta train station and then to Neptun HC
From the Gara de Nord you can take a train to Neptun HC. The distance between Neptun HC and Jupiter is short, but not by walking....
From Neptun HC you may take a taxi, but they can overcharge you for short distance or take minivan or the titi-car.
The ride with the
minivan will cost you about 3 lei (appox 0.72 euro). It may get crowded when a train arrives in station and the driver will try to take everybody in... so it can get very crowded. The solution is to wait the next minivan, if this one is packed with people.
With the
titi-car is a pleasant ride to Jupiter. The titi-car is an open vehicle composed by a tractor and 2-3 cars (the old one) or the new one which takes after Disney characters. If you come with your kids they will love you even more...One trip is also 3 lei, no matter of the distance. It is much slower but you have the time to admire the scenery.
A piece of advice: Once you get off the train in Neptun Hc wait for a while to let people spread and then go to any of the means of transportation presented above (taxi, minivan and titi/car). Also ask the driver to stop in front of Hotel Tismana, so that you may get off.
In case you arrive at Kogalniceanu Airport, take a taxi to Constanta train station and then to Neptun HC.


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