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2016 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy and Bioenergy
(ICREB 2016)

29 June-2 July, 2016  
Jupiter - Constanta, Romania

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Keynote Speakers

1. Phase difference control system for TR motor
Prof.univ.Shigeki Toyama- Tokyo, Japan
2. Characteristics of and Approaches to Flocking in Swarm Robotics
Prof.univ.Ellips Masehian- Tehran, Iran
3. A survey on test case generation techniques using UML diagrams
Prof.univ.Rajender Singh Chhillar- Haryana, India
4. Analytical Method for Determining the Static Equilibrium Position of the Rear Axles Guiding Mechanisms of the Motor Vehicles
Prof.univ.Catalin Alexandru- Brasov, Romania
5. Control Oriented Modeling and Identification of Nonlinear Systems Banazadeh, Tehran, Iran
6. An H-infinity Design Approach for the Heading Hold Autopilot of a Flying Wing UAV
Prof.univ.Adrian Stoica, Bucharest, Romania
7. Studies Concerning Numerical Prediction of Metal Fibering Obtained by Cold Bulk Forming Using Sensitivity Analysis of Tribological and Rheological Properties on a Cylindrical Crushing Process
Prof.univ. Adinel Gavrus- Rennes, France
8. Tolerance Design for Optimal Dimensional Quality of Machine Parts
Prof.univ.Gabriel Frumusanu- Galati, Romania
9. Numerical Control System of Conventional Milling Machine
Prof.univ.Tadeusz Mikolajczyk- Bydgrosz, Poland
10. The study of the thermal and optical properties of smart materials: An application of Photoacoustic Spectroscopy
Prof. univ. Bimal Kumar Sarkar, Uttar Pradesh, India
11. Crystal Twinningand Multivariant Nature of Martensite Structures in Shape Memory Alloys
Prof. univ. Osman Adiguzel, Elazig, Turkey
12. Controlling of the 3D Space Trajectory of the Multi Robots Applications by Using the Proper Iterative Pseudo Inverse Jacobian Neural Network Matrix Method
Prof.univ.Adrian Olaru- Bucharest, Romania


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